Michael Max Knobbe - Executive Director, BronxNet

Michael Max Knobbe is the Executive Director of BronxNet, the community television station programming six channels reflecting the diversity of the Bronx, and located on campus. He has spearheaded training and access to thousands of Bronxites and students, contributing to workforce and community development through Media. Michael Max has a production background, and produces documentaries, arts programming, and other innovative programs. He has served as an adjunct professor at Lehman College.  

Mr. Knobbe has a Masters in Fine Arts from Lehman College, a B.A. in Studio Art and World History from Drew University, and is a graduate of the Bronx HS of Science.  Born and raised in the Bronx, Mr. Knobbe is also an advocate for health and fitness and has launched the ‘Bronx Strong Campaign’ to promote healthy living through Grandmaster Fitness with Hip Hop Pioneer Mele-Mel and a spectrum of dynamic programming.


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