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I came across this article in the New York Times not too long ago and felt that it was an appropriate topic of discussion for the School of Education students here at Lehman. What will public school education look like in the future? 

I know that as future educators, we are a little anxious about what is going on in regards to education reform especially as it pertains to teacher evaluations. While it is true that something has to be done to ensure all children have access to quality educational opportunities, I for one have mixed feelings about on-line public school education.

Some of the arguments for this option in this choice of schooling are that it allows students to learn and complete lessons without all of the distractions we find in traditional public schools. Students don't have to worry about bullying, peer pressure and so on. While this may be true, I worry about the social development of these students. How will these students be better equipped to be a part of our society? How will they be better equipped to positively deal with the cultural differences of those different from them? How does a teacher really assess what a student is learning? And most importantly, how will a teacher know that the student is doing the work on their own? 

There are pros and cons to on-line public school education. And yes, we do need reform in our school system. But when expanding the options for public school education, are our children being done a disservice? Please read the accompanying article and feel free to share your thoughts on the issue.

Until next time, be well and good luck on the mid-terms!!!


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