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I came across this article New York City bans mention of dinosaurs, dancing, birthdays and more on students tests and wanted to share this with everyone. With everything that's going on concerning education in NYC, I find it kind of interesting that certain words are being banned from student exams. I mean really, dinosaurs? What's wrong with the word dinosaur being on an exam? And banning the word dancing, why?

There is a lot of debate going on about teacher evaluations and student exams. Education in NYC needs a complete overhaul (in my opinion) and it does bother me that time was actually taken to even consider the banning of these words (and others). Do these officials and higher ups really care about the children of NYC? To what purpose does the banning of these words serve?

This is what happens when politics and education mix - it's like oil and water. But unfortunately, I can't say that I'm shocked by this!!!           

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Name: Denise Sands Baez
Time: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When I first saw the headline on this article, I thought the NYC Dept. of Education had outdone itself in stupidity. But, once I read the article, the story made sense. Each of the items mentioned refers to a hot topic in some children's homes (for example, dinosaurs and evolution in a Creationist home and birthdays in a Jehovah's Witness home). There were other obvious triggers on the list to be avoided, like divorce, various illnesses and catastrophes. The Dept. isn't banning these topics from the curriculum; it's banning them from high-stakes tests where students need to do their best in order to advance to the next grade level, or even to graduate. Even one disagrees with the stances of parents who hold minority views, we can all agree that the children deserve every consideration in our power to have a fair testing environment.

I agree that mixing politics and education can--and has--has resulted in some unfortunate situations. This time, however, I applaud the Dept. of Education for its sensitivity to the needs of their students. My only regret is that superficial coverage by the media created a backlash that has caused the Dept. of Education to rescind the ban on these terms in its contract bids.

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