What Makes Careers in Teaching Special...

Since Lehman is a commuter college, it gets kind of tough connecting with other students. Many of us are students as well as parents who also work. Trying to take the time to get to know one another can be hard, which leads me to explaining why the program that I'm a part of, Careers in Teaching, is important as well as special.

Being a part of the Careers in Teaching program has allowed me to connect with others who have the same interests and experiences that I am having as a Lehman College student. The staff is supportive in our academic endeavors and really go out of their way to make students who are a part of the program feel as if we have a family here on campus.

What also makes the program special is that we are provided with the resources that are instrumental in having a successful academic career. There is the netbook lending program for those who have no computer access at home. There is academic advocacy, college, teaching career and life planning. The best part about the program is that tuition is waived for Winter and Summer classes that are offered by the program.

I look forward to further introducing the Careers in Teaching program to everyone; it is a very important tool for education students. Until next time, be well!!

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