The Goals Behind My First Assignment

Last Wednesday, I handed my students their first assignment of the semester. The assignment was based on the day’s major economic report.

Earlier in the day, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the advance GDP report for the Fourth Quarter of 2012. In the assignment, I asked my students to obtain information from that report, simply noting that the BEA had provided its first estimate of U.S. economic activity for that quarter. I also asked students to analyze the information.


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ANNY Regional Event Shares Assessment Insights

On November 16, 2012, the Assessment Network of New York(ANNY) held a regional assessment event hosted by Rockland Community College. ANNY is a professional network established to assist New York State’s colleges and universities in their efforts to assess student learning and institutional effectiveness. Colleges and universities outside of New York State can participate and have participated in ANNY events. Lehman College’s Assessment Coordinator, Raymond Galinski, has played an...

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The Leonard Lief Library is on Pinterest: follow us!

Have you heard about Pinterest?

Pinterest is a new visual social networking site where users can pin images from the Internet to virtual boards. Similar to other social networking sites such as Facebook or Google+ users follow other users and can also re-pin images onto their own boards.
Currently we have 10 different boards ranging from a variety of different topics such as:

  • Read Classics on Sony Reader: board highlighting the books we have uploaded onto our Sony e-readers
  • Government...
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New Concepts in Library Consultations

Have you ever had a difficult time finding just the right resources for a paper? One of my favorite aspects of being a librarian is providing reference support for students. I enjoy helping students discover how to find just the right resource and how to develop search strategies.

Traditionally reference service takes place at the Reference Desk in the Library. Now there are many venues where students and librarians can meet to go over research strategies and where students can ask questions....

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Where can I get more experience?

Students at the Multimedia Center ask me all the time "where can I get more experience in video/photo production?" and it's a great question.  The answer I always give is.... "everywhere."  A friend once told me that "every moment is learning moment" and I believe that applies to everyone. Whether you're shooting video or photos on your iPhone or working as an assistant to a professional there is always something you can take away.