Seven Lehman Spring '13 Tech Initiatives

imageA key goal at Lehman is to ensure that our students have access to the technologies and resources they need in a world that is increasingly fast-paced, mobile and hyper-connected.  We are pleased to share several planned technology initiatives as Lehman's spring semester gets underway. These projects reflect a collaborative effort across campus departments to enhance student success:

1)  Our Mobile Printing pilot is now available to all students. This initiative allows students to launch a...

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Academic Advising

While I carry many different responsibilities as an Academic Advisor: technology projects, teaching in-service coursework, writing, committee work, etc., my favorite part of my job is the part described by my title. I enjoy advising students.

Much of my time spent with students is focused on helping them to choose courses that fulfill their graduation requirements.  Sounds simple? Yes, but only sometimes. Sometimes a student will need to talk through various alternatives—for example, choices...

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