30 Students, 30 Year Age Difference, 30 Social Media Sites – Welcome to IBA 153

What was I thinking? That was the thought that ran through my mind as I began developing the content for my new IBA course in Lehman’s Adult Degree Program.  My challenge: How do I develop a course that is not overly intrusive, allows students to understand changing communication styles, and engages the student in an exploration and evaluation of social media sites?

As I began developing the course content, I reflected upon the traditional communication process and the normal “buzz words” associated with it: sending the message, receiving the message, interpreting the message, noise, etc.  

Quickly I came to the conclusion that the communication process really hasn’t changed as much as it has evolved through the use of social media. Even though, anecdotally, we hear many people say “People today don’t communicate like they used to.” Is the response to that statement "no they don’t" because they communicate much more than they used to?

From sharing special moments on YouTube, to reconnecting with Kindergarten friends on Facebook, to blogging about anything and everything, and having your opinion heard every time - communication is changing.

I plan to write more about my experiences bringing social media into the classroom. I plan on inviting my students to share their thoughts on this as well.

Comments for 30 Students, 30 Year Age Difference, 30 Social Media Sites – Welcome to IBA 153

Name: Jean Geiger
Time: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How about "the medium is the message?" I think we do communicate more than we used to, but what do we say? Do Tweets that follow our every movement in a day give us a richer or poorer experience of communication? When we communicated less, perhaps we thought more about what we were saying.

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