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Technology is all about innovation. The Post-It and the iPad both created a market for something that people did not realize they needed.  Now, we can’t imagine living without these products. 

But innovation is not easy. It takes many tries. It takes perseverance. It requires passion and teamwork to achieve a goal.  

In the IT Division, our mission is to Deliver, Lead and Innovate.  We have a fabulous group of dedicated professionals who strive to improve the technology that supports Lehman’s students faculty and staff.  A recent innovation is our pilot project to enable students to launch a print job from an off campus computer or from their smart phone. In the past, they had to print from an on-campus computer. For faculty and staff, we will soon launch an intranet called Lehman Connect. This new tool is designed to facilitate faculty and staff collaboration and provide access to college information in one convenient location. We will be working on a version of this tool for students in the coming months.

Here’s a link to an excellent article on innovation called What It Takes To Innovate: Wrong-Thinking, Tinkering & IntuitingFor innovators out there, follow the link for information on the Alva Emerging Fellowship, a program awarding young inventors cash grants to take action on their ideas. But hurry, applications are due soon.




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