The School of Continuing and Professional Studies Welcomes You to the


SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

Designed for adults 25 years of age and older with family and work responsibilities, the ADP offers you the opportunity to achieve your dream of earning a bachelor's degree and attaining your career goals.

With over three decades of success for thousands of students, the ADP  offers:

  • flexible scheduing--day, evening,...
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Lehman College: Opportunity Abounds Here

Three years ago, I was a veteran and single mother of three working a thankless job with no upward mobility. Through the veterans coordinator in my office, I received information about the Post 9/11 Montgomery Gl Bill.  After reading all of the details, I decided to go back to school...full time. I was fearful about resigning from my position, however completing my undergraduate degree was so much more important. A family friend told me about Lehman College and it was surprisingly close to...

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30 Students, 30 Year Age Difference, 30 Social Media Sites – Welcome to IBA 153

What was I thinking? That was the thought that ran through my mind as I began developing the content for my new IBA course in Lehman’s Adult Degree Program.  My challenge: How do I develop a course that is not overly intrusive, allows students to understand changing communication styles, and engages the student in an exploration and evaluation of social media sites?

As I began developing the course content, I reflected upon the traditional communication process and the normal “buzz...

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The School of Continuing and Professional Studies Welcomes All

At the School of Continuing and Professional Studies the door is open to ALL--from grade school students to active seniors, undergraduates, international students, new and established small business owners, union and industry partners, students seeking new careers, and many others.

I've worked with our programs as an administrator, researcher, and program developer and coordinator since 1981 and have seen exciting developments along with the steady growth of our school which now serves...

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