Text a call number to yourself!

The CUNY Catalog has a new feature: sending the call number of an item (e.g., book, CD, video, etc.) to your cellphone.
It is very easy to use. Simply go to the catalog and search for an item. Once you've retrieved it, click on the "Location and Call Number" button and then click on the "Send Info via Text" button .
A pop-up window will open, giving you the option to enter your phone number and mobile carrier. Click on "Send Message" and, within seconds, you will receive a text message with...
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Mobile First Web and Content Strategy: Lehman website is mobile!

At the 12 CUNY IT conference this past December I had the pleasure to give a presentation together with David Stevens, Manager of Web Services, Lehman College and Gerlando Termini, Web Developer, Lehman College about our work in the development of Lehman's website.


Each of us talked about different aspects of the project.
David opened with an overview of Lehman's evolving web eco-system and the mobile sites crucial role in the college's overall web content strategy.
Gerlando walked the...
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The Leonard Lief Library is on Pinterest: follow us!

Have you heard about Pinterest?

Pinterest is a new visual social networking site where users can pin images from the Internet to virtual boards. Similar to other social networking sites such as Facebook or Google+ users follow other users and can also re-pin images onto their own boards.
Currently we have 10 different boards ranging from a variety of different topics such as:

  • Read Classics on Sony Reader: board highlighting the books we have uploaded onto our Sony e-readers
  • Government...
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QR Codes in the Library stacks

Have you noticed barcode lookalike squares in the subway or in print magazine ads? 

Ever wondered what it is? It's a QR code, which is short for Quick Response code. To read a QR code, you need a smartphone like an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry with an installed QR reader.
You can scan a QR code, but the phone needs to be connected to the Internet or it won't work. Once scanned the mysterious code converts into information, usually the link to a website, a person's phone number, or a short...
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