Sweet Dreams and Happy Graduation Counselor Education/School Counseling Class of 2012 and Welcome Class of 2016!

What a year it has been. We started off with the Class of 2012 immersed in readying their school counseling program websites, school counseling curriculum classroom lessons, school counseling brochures, and digital bulletin boards while busy in internship sites in K-12 schools in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, and beyond. To see what they look like, check out Lehman Counselor Education/School Counseling '09 alum Lisa DeMauro's Manhattan middle school counseling program website at: http://www.computerschoolcounselors.org/

But the most exciting work from the Class of 2012 emerged at the end of Spring semester when they shared their process, perception, and results data from their school counseling classroom lessons, group and individual counseling, and academic/career/college/personal/social planning for all students. It was powerful to see student after student share their results and how they have helped to close both achievement and opportunity gaps in each of their schools this year during their internships directly because of their school counseling program interventions. Now that's something to celebrate and celebrate we do. The Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education Department (CLLSE) annually hosts a party immediately following graduation each year and we treat our candidates to the world's best cupcakes and chocolate cake as a sweet thank you for a job well done. Our friends at Sugar-n-Sunshine bakery in Plainsboro, New Jersey bake up the best all-natural from-scratch sweets in the NYC metro area and we deliver them annually as a thank you to our school counseiing candidates for making a difference in the lives of K-12 NYC metro children, adolescents, families, and educators in schools.

Not to be outdone, we welcomed our Class of 2016 this spring through the admissions process, which included, for those who made it through the paper screening, a group process interview with our faculty. We try to make it as stress-free as possible and those cupcakes have a habit of reappearing at just the right time and place. What does it take to get into the Counselor Education/School Counseling program?  After 19 years of doing graduate admissions, I've found the following are what successful candidates do to become professional school counselor candidates through the CE/School Counseling program at Lehman:


1. Made sure they read the application materials and uploaded all parts of the application successfully prior to the March 1 admissions deadline.

2. Triple checked for typos, grammar errors, and writing drama with their 5 essays on school counseling.

3. Ensured their recommendation letters were uploaded in time.

4. Sent in their transcripts with plenty of time.

5. Did their homework about why it's called school counseling and what the profession is about--academic, career, college access, and personal/social competencies delivered to all students K-12 in the form of a school counseling program.



6. Demonstrated an interest in and commitment to advocacy, leadership, teaming and collaboration, change agentry, cultural competency, technology, and equity assessment using data in addition to counseling, in other words, the New Vision of Transformed School Counseling that we now celebrate in almost 15 years in Lehman's CE/SC companion institution partnership with The Education Trust's National Center for Transforming School Counseling http://www.edtrust.org/dc/tsc/university-prep.

7. Demonstrated excellent skills as collaborative team players ready to close achievement, opportunity, and attainment gaps in K-12 schools.

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