5 Years and Off

I have spent 9 semesters at Lehman, and I AM FINALLY GOING GRADUATE!  But I am glad that I ended up at Lehman. My experiences have been great. As a freshman, I knew I wanted to go into political science and save the world, but joining Student Government actually got me working. It helped me realize that networking has the word "work" in it for a reason. Since I was able to get to know so many people and organizations, I was able to create my own major, study abroad on a full scholarship, and...

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Campus Life: The Move!

About three weeks ago, the renovation process of the Student Life Building began, and with it the Office of Campus Life, the Student Government Association (SGA), and most importantly the student clubs and organizations had to find a new place to operate. Now, the Office of Campus Life, SGA, and the Meridian are operating temporarily in the Old Gym Building. Clubs were advised that limited space prevented the assignment of club rooms before the renovation started. Therefore, all  student...

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Incident on Friday Resolution on Monday!

Imagine how surprised I was when I pulled up to the gate and swiped my card and could not gain entrance into the parking lot when my parking permit clearly states "expired May 2012".  Apparently, students were not allowed to park on days when we did not have classes. This was due to an unanticipated change to the rules. I called public safety and the officer informed me of new rules in place  that prevented students from parking on days they did not have classes. I decided to speak to the...Read... Read More »
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What Makes Counselor Education/School Counseling at Lehman Special

Hi everyone and Happy National School Counseling Week!

I am honored to be the first School of Education faculty blogger for CUNY Lehman College. The Counselor Education/School Counseling Program is in the Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education Department and our department office is Carman Hall B-20.  What makes our program special includes our focus on transformed school counseling and college and career access/readiness/success for all K-12 students. Professional School...Read... Read More »
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