The Power of Education 2...

Ever since I became a Lehman College student, I have been lucky enough to have encountered some very strong professors. As a student returning to college after a 15 year  hiatus, I have to be real and say that I am finding that my education here is not opening my eyes to any new or unlearned ideas and theories but is validating and giving a voice to the lessons that I have learned throughout my lifetime so far. When I say this, I mean no disrespect. I think that this is the greatest...

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The Power of Education

First, let me say welcome back to everyone!!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful, relaxing and productive summer. As always, I will be keeping everyone posted on all of the new developments involving education, primarily public education here New York and throughout the country.

For those who are a little out of the loop, there have definitely been some interesting things going on in regards to education. One that I have to say that I'm very excited about is President Obama's Executive Order...

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Politics and Education...

I came across this article New York City bans mention of dinosaurs, dancing, birthdays and more on students tests and wanted to share this with everyone. With everything that's going on concerning education in NYC, I find it kind of interesting that certain words are being banned from student exams. I mean really, dinosaurs? What's wrong with the word dinosaur being on an exam? And banning the word dancing, why?

There is a lot of debate going on about teacher evaluations and student exams....

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School Counselors as Allies to LBGTIQ youth and families

As a school counselor educator, I've focused on two lines of scholarship--transforming the school counseling profession with school counseling program interventions to help close achievement and opportunity gaps and supporting the needs of LBGTQIA students and families. One of the great things about being a faculty member is having the time to pursue not only research and scholarship but to work with our graduate students and professional colleagues in school counseling to create the next...

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What Makes Careers in Teaching Special...

Since Lehman is a commuter college, it gets kind of tough connecting with other students. Many of us are students as well as parents who also work. Trying to take the time to get to know one another can be hard, which leads me to explaining why the program that I'm a part of, Careers in Teaching, is important as well as special.

Being a part of the Careers in Teaching program has allowed me to connect with others who have the same interests and experiences that I am having as a Lehman College...R... Read More »
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What Makes Counselor Education/School Counseling at Lehman Special

Hi everyone and Happy National School Counseling Week!

I am honored to be the first School of Education faculty blogger for CUNY Lehman College. The Counselor Education/School Counseling Program is in the Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education Department and our department office is Carman Hall B-20.  What makes our program special includes our focus on transformed school counseling and college and career access/readiness/success for all K-12 students. Professional School...Read... Read More »
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