Music is a Better Noise

I've been teaching in the History Department at Lehman since 1999, and I've also served as Chair of History (2005-2009) and Dean of Arts and Humanities (2009-2012). Between 1985 and 1998, when I was a student and then a professor at Harvard, I did a music fanzine called Incite!, and for most of that time I also ran a small record label called Harriet. Most of my blogs will be about music, much of which you might not have heard of; but my other interests (British history, in particular) will probably show up now and then as well. (The title is a tribute both a song by the early-80s British art-pop pioneers Essential Logic and to Douglas Wolk's late-90s email club, "Better Noise."  More on the latter in awhile).

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Name: dyan campbell
Time: Friday, November 23, 2012

Hullo Tim -
we've never met, but I used to write about NZ music, have been a longtime fan of indie music (living in NZ) and was a member of that list, Betternoise. (Wasn't it one word? Not sure.) Anyway, you might be interested in this account of my conversation with both Douglas and Alex Ross at The New Yorker on the subject. Hope the link works -

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