The Bermuda Triangle...of an Education Internship

The title of this post explains it all.  Five months have passed and everything is as I expected: confusion, frustration, bewilderment, wonderment, learning...lesson planning, lesson planning, lesson planning. I suppose you could say it's all in a day's work as a teacher. However, even in this state of unpredictability, I am having a grand time teaching my first grade class. In my absence from the blog, I have been observed three times, video taped twice and have attended umpteen meetings about random things. The holidays have come and gone and third quarter report cards are on the horizon. It is amazing to see how quickly time can escape you. The most important pearl of wisdom I am learning right now is to take it all in stride. In speaking with a group of students involved in the Careers In Teaching program several weeks ago, I expressed to them how important it is to find the flow that works best for them as individuals. I am practicing what I preach more than ever these days.  

As the school year continues though, I find the balance between the student/ school/ home dynamic a difficult one for many of my students to contend with. An ongoing challenge, for myself, is to keep them engaged in what we're teaching and allow them opportunity for the small successes. These small instances of achievement in time, will mount to greater ones. In teaching my students I realized that I am also fostering character development. It brings me SO much joy and satisfaction when they encourage their classmates or extend a kind word when another is experiencing some difficulty. My students never cease in keeping my attention captive; I am inspired by them daily. Seeing their growth often reminds me that this field of education is beyond powerful, and truly not for the faint at heart. 

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