Time Flies When You're Lesson Planning!

I can’t express how fast everything is happening.  Two weeks has managed to turn into almost a month.  My head is still spinning from all that has happened during  my first month at P.S. 55.

I’m ecstatic to be in a self-contained 1st grade class with my mentor Mr. Nwogu, a second year mentor for the MATH-UP program.  Although I’ve worked with younger grades prior to this experience, nothing compares to being in the classroom for a full day.  I am completely comfortable and am always thinking of ways to differentiate my instruction and truly engage my students.  Recently I’ve been teaching science and math.  Since taking math methods courses through MATH-UP, I have garnered a greater love for mathematics and have begun to think about it holistically, to better translate content to my students.  Science, on the other hand, is something that comes naturally to me.  Teaching science requires and allows you to be creative in ways you hadn’t once considered.  Over the past 2-3 weeks, my class has completed animal collages, learned to observe using the senses, classified living and nonliving things, as well as observed fish and insects to better solidify their thinking about living things and varying types of animals.

All in all, I believe I am off to a great start.  I anticipate bumps in the road, however I am amply prepared to meet them head on.  For the coming week, I am challenging myself to think beyond my own wonderings and those of others.  I have begun to meet my students where they are.  In doing so, I help in setting the trajectory for where they will go from here. 

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